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Agile Development

We believe in agile. If possible we try to use as many agile development methods as possible as we have learned this is the best way to develop successful business for our clients and top quality internet products. We develop in multiple development phases, during which we constantly re-check how our work meets business goals and user expectations.
Agile development significantly reduces investment risk for internet projects, as assumptions about users and business quickly become invalid: »Fail soon, fail cheap«. Users receive a better product, chances for success increase. The team is also much more motivated, they see their work published and used frequently.

User Experience

We like to think that users acheiving a goal is the core asset of each and every web project. We’ve learned that each hour invested into research results in a better product and increased value. That is why we like to do as much user and business research as possible early on in the project:

·Business model discovery and consultancy
·Best practices and benchmarking analysis
·Heuristic UX reviews
·Community trends and strategies
·Usability testing
·Conversion funnel optimization
·SEO analysis and consulting
·Information architecture
·Web visual identity development
·Frontend development (HTML5, CSS3, JS)

We boost visits, change behaviors, increase user lifetime value, reduce business operating costs… We love to dive deep into numbers and get the actionable juice out. We want our client to understand how valuable their site or application really is.


The choice of technology is rarely the key to success of web projects, but it does significantly affect the short- and long-term price of the product (Total Cost of Ownership – TCO). This is the reason we believe that in most cases the best choice is open source and open methods. We also choose solutions and technologies which enable us to change the provider.

·Technologies and architectures: PHP / Zend Framework, JavaScript / jQuery, Java / Android. From simple solutions to Multi-tier and SOA.

·Alternative technologies and integration: NginX & PHP-FPM, PostgreSQL, CouchDB, MongoDB, Hadoop, Amazon EC2/S3/SQ/EBS, DirectedEdge, OAuth, Twitter, OpenID, Facebook SocialGraph, LinkedIn.

·Implementation and support for open-source platforms: Drupal, WordPress, PrestaShop. Plugins, translations, development.

·Quality assurance: integration testing, automated testing, continuous integration/deployment

We can help you with: establishing management system developer team business model design graphic design strategic planning

Graphic design
Finished product

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